1. The League will be run in conjunction with weekend Competitions. It will consist of 6 rounds, alternating between Saturday and Sunday, from Saturday 19th January to Sunday 24th February. Each round will be a 12-hole, Pair Stableford Competition, with 2 courses (East & West) in play. A timesheet will be available online for each course. First round Saturday 19thJanuary, 2nd round Sunday 27th and so on.

2. Competition Format: 12-hole competition with first 6 played as scotch Foursomes (One score), and second six as Fourball Better ball.

3. Handicaps: Full 12-hole handicaps: Foursomes: Quarter the combined, rounded as needed. Shots to be taken as per lowest indices on card. Gross score entered for team and points written on card. Fourball: Half the Full 12-hole handicap for each player, shots to be taken as per lowest indices on card. Best score entered on card under appropriate player and points written on card. Points for each 6 and total to be written on card.

4. No cuts for weekly prizes.

5. A pair with no opposition may mark their own card.

6. Scores from each course will be of equal value. Only 1 card may be played each day.

7. A Teams best two (2) counting scores will be used to decide the League Prize winners.

8. Players may play with different partners each week, but 2 rounds with the same partner are required for League prizes. A player may win League prizes with different partners.

9. Mixed teams may enter and qualify for weekly prizes and league prizes. No special mixed prize.

10. There will be up to Three (3) League prizes. There will be up to Three (3) prizes for each round. Prizes are dependent on enough entries.

11. In the event of a tie for League Prizes, a count back will take place using best card, last 6, last 3, last 1. If needed front 6 of best card will be used in a similar way.

12. Team names should be entered on card in alphabetical order by surname.

13. Competition teams respectfully request that Stableford points be entered on cards as well as gross scores. This greatly helps the Voluntary Card team when checking cards. Names should be printed in Block Capitals in entry book and card.

14. Entry fee for 12 Hole Competitions is €6 per person.

15. Rounds cancelled due to adverse weather etc. may be replayed at the discretion of the competition committee.

16. Students and Juveniles who are eligible to play in Gents competitions may play.

17. The Competitions Committee’s decision on any issue arising will be final.

Michael Scott, Competition Secretary. January 2019.

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