1. The Hamper League will be run in conjunction with weekend Turkey Competitions. It will consist of 12 rounds, on each Saturday and Sunday, from Saturday 3rd November to Sunday 9th December. Each round will be a 12-hole Stableford Competition with 2 courses (East & West) in play (Orange markers). A timesheet will be available online for each course. Flock day will be on Sunday 16th December. 
2. Scores from each course will be of equal value. Only 1 card may be played each day. 
3. A Player’s best four (4) counting scores will be used to decide the Hamper winners. Two counting scores must come from each 12-hole course. 
4. There will be 4 Hampers awarded in each of three categories as follows: 
• Class 1: up to 13 Class 2: 14 to 19 Class 3: 20 + 
A separate hamper will also be awarded for best Students/Qualifying Juveniles (i.e. playing handicap maximum 18, and additional Juveniles as authorised by Junior Convenor, (list posted on notice boards) as they are ineligible to win hampers in the above categories. These students/juveniles will compete in the appropriate class for weekly turkey competitions. Note: All Prizes subject to enough entries. 
5. Turkey winners during the series will have four (4) points deducted from their score in each subsequent Turkey Competition. This deduction only applies to 1st place in any Turkey Competition. Second place winners during the series will have two (2) points deducted from their score in each subsequent Turkey Competition. This deduction only applies to 2nd place in any Turkey Competition. These deductions will not affect scores for the Hamper League. 
6. Hamper winners i.e. all winners 1st to 4th will have six (6) points deducted for all prizes on Flock Day. 
Turkey winners will have four (4) points deducted for all additional turkeys awarded on the day. 
7. One (1) bonus point will be awarded for each time a player plays during the League and enters score on the computer. These points will be added to the player’s Flock Day score for all additional turkeys awarded. 
8. There will be no extra bonus point added for playing on Flock Day. 
9. In the event of a tie for Hampers, a count back will take place using best 3 counting cards, best 2 counting cards etc to determine the winners. 
10. It is a club rule and competition requirement that all scores should be recorded on the computer terminal (when operational). This facilitates effective and efficient management of the Competition. Please put an obvious note on the score card if you are unable to enter your score into the computer. 
11. Entry fee for 12 Hole Competitions is €6 
12. The Competitions Committee’s decision on any issue arising will be final.

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